Driver and Vehicle Registration

Now that you’ve settled in to your new home and neighborhood, it’s time to take care of a few immediate tasks, including applying for a Nevada driver’s license and registering your vehicle. You’ll also find answers to your commuting questions, including which freeways connect the area to places beyond. Learn about local police, fire services and how they keep residents safe and secure, plus what you need to know about registering to vote. Tips for adapting to a desert climate are also provided along with a description of mandatory water restrictions in place for the summer months.

Cars are the preferred means of transportation in the Las Vegas area. According to the U.S. Census, 78 percent of Clark County workers drove to work alone from 2005-2007, 12 percent carpooled, 4 percent took public transportation and 4 percent used other means. The remaining 3 percent worked at home. Among those who commuted to work, it took them on average 24.4 minutes to get to work.

Driver’s Licenses and ID Cards

Once you’ve set up residency in the Las Vegas area and you have a local address, one of your first essential stops will be to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) where you’ll be able to apply for a Nevada driver’s license and register your vehicle. New residents have 30 days to obtain a Nevada driver’s license and 60 days to register their vehicle. The fine for failing to register is $250 to $500, and it’s a law the state takes seriously.

Non-Commercial Driver’s License Fees

Original Non-Commercial License or Instruction Permit: $22 ($17 if 65 or older); Renewal: $22 ($17 if 65 or older); Late Renewal In Person - Expired Over 30 Days: $32 ($27 if 65 or older); Duplicate Driver License: $17; Change of Name: $8; Change of Address: $3.

Identification Card Fees

Original, Renewal or Duplicate (under 18): $6; Original, Renewal or Duplicate (ages 18-64): $12; Original or Duplicate (65 or older): $7; Renewal (65 or older): $3; Change of Name: $7; Change of Address: $3.

Vehicle Registration

It’s important to know that out-of-state insurance is not accepted. Motorists who do not maintain coverage from a Nevada-licensed carrier are subject to registration suspension and a reinstatement fee. Also be prepared to bring in your out-of-state license plates. Nevada charges a basic registration fee, governmental services taxes and miscellaneous fees for titles, license plates and inspections. You must register your vehicle for a full year and renew your registration annually.

Registration Fee

Registration fees are charged based on the class of the vehicle and its weight. Funds are used primarily for state road construction. Nevada also has a basic registration fee, which are as follows: The basic Registration Fee for passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles less than 6,000 pounds is $33.00. Trailers fewer than 1,000 pounds are $12.00, 1,000 pounds or above are $24. There are graduated scales based on weight for larger vehicles.

Governmental Services Tax

Governmental Services tax: This is a value - based fee for vehicles registering in Nevada. These taxes are returned to your local city, county and school district. Supplemental Governmental Services Tax: This is an additional fee for vehicles in Clark, Churchill and White Pine counties. The funds are returned to those counties to be used specifically for road construction.