Incorporating Your Business


Las Vegas and the state of Nevada are very liberal with respect to the formation and maintenance of business and corporations. They actually require very little from each corporation or business. There are no IRS information-sharing agreements, stockholders are not public record, and annual fees are nominal. The only things that you as a business owner will need to do to keep your business in good standing are to maintain a resident agent in the area and make sure the Secretary of State has a list of current officers and agents before each anniversary of your company.

The state accepts your word that you will conduct legal business. The Articles of Incorporation do not require specific details as to the exact nature of the business you are conducting. A statement that your business will conduct lawful activity is sufficient.

The name of your corporation cannot be the same (or deceptively similar) to the name of any existing corporation in the state; however, you may still be able to use your desired business name and clearance may be obtained in advance from the Secretary of State as to the acceptability of your proposed name. You will probably need to pay a small fee and endure a waiting period, if you choose this route.

There are provisions for professional corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, for profit corporations and non-profit corporations, the rules of which are similar to those in most other states. You can find that information within this relocation guide.

Before proceeding with the actual formation of your corporation, you may wish to consult with an attorney to guarantee that you comply with all rules and regulations. International companies relocating to Las Vegas should hire an immigration attorney and use respective embassy or consulate commercial sections for help with industry-specific products.

Secretary of State: 555 East Washington Avenue, Suite 2900 Las Vegas, NV 89101

(702) 486-2880

Source: Nevada Secretary of State Profit Corporation Fee Schedule (January 2008)